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StudioPoint Productions was established with a commitment to delivering premium-quality content without compromising on artistic integrity, all while ensuring accessibility to broad audiences. By integrating traditional production techniques with state-of-the-art visual effects technology, StudioPoint aims to stay at the forefront of the future of narrative, documentary, and commercial filmmaking.


Melbourne | Australia

Shoban Narayanan

Founder | Executive Producer

Shoban Narayanan, the visionary founder of StudioPoint Productions, brings over two decades of prolific experience in the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of visual effects. His illustrious journey has traversed international landscapes, where he has consistently demonstrated technical and creative excellence across a multitude of feature films and television shows.

With roots firmly embedded in on-set visual effects production, Shoban’s profound passion for filmmaking blossomed, propelling him into the role of a Creative Producer. His career is marked by a rich tapestry of collaborations on diverse projects, showcasing his technical prowess and creative ingenuity. This journey has unfolded both domestically and internationally, spanning an impressive 13 years.

Notably, Shoban has been recognized for his contributions with two nominations at the Canadian Screen Awards, a testament to his outstanding achievements in the Outstanding Visual Effects category for television shows produced in Toronto. His commitment to pushing the boundaries of technical and creative excellence remains at the forefront of StudioPoint Productions’ ethos.

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Adelaide | Australia